Taro Okamoto


What’s Amazing About Taro Okamoto?

The Bomb: Art of Taro Okamoto

Taro Okamoto is the best known as a creator of Tower of the Sun
He is one of a few real artists. If you have seen his work, you must have been surprised with his powerful works.
His works are very avant-garde and abstractive like they are lifelike.

He introduced not only painting and sculpture also architecture and book. If you see them, it is surprisingly obvious that any of those are created by him. Even only you read a book without knowing who the author is, you must have feel that he wrote the book. Every work he created has full of power and is infused with his soul.

He did not learn art, but learned ethnology to raise a quality of work.
He thought that his quality of work would raise if sense of humanity if he raised sense of humanity. There is no artist who thinks that way.

I want you to see his works which have full of humanity. There are many of his works but well known works. Please visit Taro Okamoto Museum in Kawasaki and Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum.

Wrote by Positive Chan