Jimmh Onishi


The Amazing Jimmmy Onishi!

His own distinct point of view in which is not like any other artist, genius, or child would see the object

Jimmy Onishi held a solo exhibition of his contemporary paintings, putting the reasonable price on his art works and paying all expenses for the exhibition from his pocket.
I’m not sure if I really understand what is good about his art, but I was satisfied by his exhibition, although they charged relatively high entrance fee.
His style doesn’t have healing effect, and there was not excellent painting technique in the work. However, there was something mysterious about his art that intrigued me.
Although they were selling merchandise based on previously sold work in the second half of the exhibition, the section containing his original drawings was amazing. He has his own distinct point of view. His way of capturing the composition and each object is unique: not like any other artist, genius, or child would see the object. The exhibition did a good job of highlighting this unique perspective.
Even though I have recently visited so many art exhibitions that I have become saturated with exposure to excellent work, I was attracted by the “personality of analysis and drawing method” in his exhibition.
Any attempt to imitate his work would fail. He has created a unique world. His style doesn’t belong to any art period or school taught in art theory courses. It seems that the work he creates is different from art aimed at the transformation of industry or professionals, or art that is designed to heal. I feel that his work is showing that life is art.
He has been acting a fool as a useless character of Kansai comedian, but he can draw like this! The exhibition made me very curious to visit his next show. I do wish that more of his art had been displayed at this exhibition, though.