Shoen Uemura


What’s Amazing About Shoen Uemura?

Artist who Used Unique Method to Illustrate Body Line

She was the artist who portrayed beautiful or mentally strong female. She was used to confuse with male artist because of her excellent works. She was known as an artist who used unique technique to illustrate body line and skin.

Female in her painting looks clean and delicate. She described beauty, frailty and strength of woman with depth, line of head and painting over and over.

How she used color, layout and position a model is just perfect.
She carefully painted bunch of soft and feminine lines to illustrate a female model. The painting seem it is just same as other artist’s painting at a glance. However, you would see delicate lines to describe beauty of woman from female point of view.

If you are copying for learning how to paint, I recommend her works.
You can also enjoy patterns of Kimono which are not only classic also modern like Yuzen.
If more than 5 of her works are held in exhibition, you must visit. If I could see her, I wanted to ask her what work she was influenced.

Wrote by AIU