Kiyoshi Yamashita


What’s Amazing About Kiyoshi Yamashita?

Kiyoshi Yamashita’s Real Talent is Not Being Savant Syndrome.

Kiyoshi Yamashita is known as a famous Japanese artist. He memorized immediately what he saw. He illustrated its every single detail in different place. His talent must have been miraculous for normal people. His life was made into TV drama many times. However, most of them showed his unique character and how he lived with savant syndrome. They never focused on his paintings.

It was said that he had a savin ability, photographic memory which handicapped person had in rare case. As an artist, this kind of power can be a big treasure.

However, I did not know his existence and history when I first saw his works.
I was shaking and just surprised because his works seemed very strong and mysterious.

He was good at using dots in painting. I was overwhelmed with his works comparing with a painting with lines. It seemed like each one of dots had his soul.

It was a fact that there were a lot of people who were impressed with how he lived with savant syndrome. Art express what artist’s thought. Something inside of his mind must have made people touched.

Wrote by Shiji