Issey Miyake

The Amazing Issey Miyake!

Pleats Please

Issey Miyake is one of the most famous fashion designers in Japan. I feel that his designs are targeted at people in their forty’s and older. My favorite series of his is Pleats Please. These clothes are made of polyester jersey fabric with a lot of fine vertical pleats. The Pleats Please series has enjoyed enduring popularity since its debut due to unique design features not found among offerings from other fashion designers. The amazing color variety ranges from calm tones such as black and navy blue to very bright colors such as shocking pink and fluorescent colors. A very useful feature of these garments is their resistance to wrinkling, even after rough folding. Because of this, I always bring these clothes when I go on a trip. The light weight of the clothes is also attractive. The Pleats Please garments are surprisingly suitable for formal or casual occasions, and are fashionable without the need for wearing any accessories. Also, even though you may lose or gain weight, the pleats allow the garments to fit any body type for the long run. The only thing I wish for Pleats Please is that the price would be more reasonable.