Souri Yanagi

The great points of Souri Yanagi!

The simple beauty of the functionality

Souri Yanagi is a designer who represents Japan after the war, and its masterpiece is which is famous is “Butterfly Stool”. For those do not have passion in art and design, but if you are committed to interior or architecture, there must be many people know his name. Even though it should have been decades after being designed, the beauty and functionality of the form is innovative and it is still fresh.
Also, kitchen tools are gaining its popularity in recent years. Simpleness is creating the high quality of the design, but the best popularity is in its comfort. Even for the regular housewives who are not interested in design has many fans.
Making real models, checking the feeling of use many times, the commitment to pursue user-friendliness. If you like design, there is a tendency to focus on the appearance, but Souri Yanagi is different. While confirming the feeling of use many times, it becomes a more user friendly form, and it finishes the design aspect.
As a result, it seems that it is the Souri Yanagi’s true characteristic that this process lead to the finalized design, beautiful appearance and sophisticated design.
Even if you don’t usually cook, you can notice the difference with the comfortable feeling of its use.
Please experience not only its great appearance, but also its easy-to-use greatness.
It may be said that the ultimate design is the functional beauty based on the simpleness.