Naoto Fukasawa

The great points of Naoto Fukasawa!

The design that fits well and close to everyday life.

Naoto Fukasawa is Japan’s leading product designer. He has been handling a wide range of designs of daily necessities from cell phones such as “INFOBAR” and “neon”, electric appliances such as wall-mounted CD players by MUJI to stationery such as Rummy’s ballpoint pen. He is good at shaping what people are casually conscious about in their everyday life as a design, his designs are functional and making the living convenient, colorful and enjoyable, and something to enrich the lifestyle.Fujisawa, who concurrently serve as designer and advisory board member of Mujiryohin which he had the hit item wall-mounted CD player, continues to produce popular items that will nicely color everyday life and living one after another. Even though the items are functional and easy to use, the Muji products are simple and minimally designed stylishly colors your life, can easily deliver the greatness of his design. Besides design, he also has serials in the magazine “Life Handbook”, in order to communicate the innovative ideas to better the everyday life through written words. The work can be characterized by a design that closely snuggles to life, full of charm that turns everyday life a little fun while casual.