Tokyo Tower

Sky-high Tokyo Tower !

Attracting people from all over Japan.

Most people, including myself, think of Tokyo Tower when they think of Tokyo. The current topic of discussion is the recently finished Sky Tree, but for people my age that are living in the Tokyo area Tokyo Tower will always be the place that captivates our hearts. Serving as the stage for numerous manga, anime, novels, and films, the tower with its characteristic red and nostalgic beauty still fills my heart with excitement every time I see it. About ten years ago, when I was finally able to visit Tokyo Tower, I was moved by how truly close the tower was. It goes without saying that when I climbed the tower and gazed out at the extensive landscape I felt like a character in a manga or movie.

Tokyo Tower was erected in 1957 and designed by Tachu Naito, known as the father of earthquake-proof design. Prior to the Sky Tree’s completion, Tokyo Tower fulfilled the important role of radio tower, and now, along with its aforementioned functionality, serves as a tourist attraction. A long time ago I saw a television show about the construction of Tokyo Tower and I saw craftsmen plying their trades in such dangerous places and thought what passion and skill it must take, and how people are still fascinated by their work. The tower is still being painted once every five years to preserve it beauty and charm.