Syunji Nakayama

The wonderful Nakayama Shunji!

Design between engineering and art.

Nakayama Shunji is one of the leading industrial designers in Japan, but he has also overseen the design of many robots. He is the creator of numerous products ranging from everyday items like watches to large scale industrial goods. His works have a unique and stylish flair.

His most famous work, the ’OVO’ watch, was made in collaboration with Seiko and the fashion designer Issey Miyake. The ’OVO’ watch features a unique round shape that was inspired by an egg. The near-futuristic, functional design somehow feels retro, and expresses Nakayama’s world view in an easy to understand form. Stylish yet functional, his designs seek to increase quality of life.

Nakayama is also known for designing the Suica ticket gates found in JR East train stations. People pass through the gates by touching their Suica card to a sensor and easily pass through. This gate made a huge difference in the lives of commuters allowing them to save time and move about in a more casual manner.