Sotaro Yasui


Introduction of the art works of Sotaro Yasui

The Japanese great genius painter’s portrait “Seated figure”

Japanese leading genius painter, Sotaro Yasui, who I like the most out of all the Japanese painters, has a reputation for portraits, and I adore the fact that the person who is drawn seems very lively. And the work “Seated figure” that is displayed at the Bridgestone Museum of Art in Kyobashi is a picture of his wife wearing a beautiful vivid kimono. Sotaro Yasui is a genius in drawing a dessin to such an extent that viewers could not hide their surprises.

The wonderful thing about this picture is the fact that his wife has the strength of her will while there is quiet atmosphere, and you can feel the energy of her existence. And while the skillfulness of the dessin is Sotaro Yasui’s amazing aspect, he smoothly finish up the drawing of the model as a sketch within 2 to 3 weeks. Since he finalize the artwork the figure by carefully building up based on that sketch, it is amazing to see how he draw to express the unique features of the model by not only painting the figure perfectly but also changing the details by intentionally exaggerated or ambiguously blurred touch of the shapes and lines to slightly deform the work regardless of his high skill of dessin. That is the reason why you can feel as if the person of the picture is about to start moving. It seems so lively, and it is amazing.