Eitoku Kano


The great points of Eitoku Kano

The Japanese painter who fascinated the great leaders and the country of Japan is proud of,

There are many people who know the name Eitoku Kano because his name is included in history textbooks.
Even if you do not come to mind immediately what kind of picture was drawn up, if you look at the Chinese guardian lions folding screen and the Rakuchurakugaizu painting, you will definitely recognize since you must have seen at least once before and see the famous Kano school of Japan.
Many expressions such as dynamic flora and fauna remain on folding screens and barrier paintings, and there are many chances to see when visiting temples in Kyoto. Many works designated as important cultural properties are indispensable for talking about Japanese art. Each piece that sometimes has Japanese settlement but gorgeousness, sometimes the depth, and sometimes the preciseness are very dynamic force as a whole, and there might be a correlation with the fact that those works were the favorites of Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi who were both celestial samurai in the Warring States period. I think that the style of Eitoku is very much in the luxury of Sengoku Daimyo who took all of Japan. The overwhelming sparkle over the gold leaf on the painting can be felt from the picture. In addition, the Rakuchurakugaizu painting is precisely written in Kyoto city with a bird’s-eye view like an aerial photograph, and it is also valuable material for knowing people’s lives at the time and the state of the city. Some of the existing ones are written by artists of the Kano school other than Eitoku, but looking at these art reminds the fans of the aerial photographs or the picture books of finding Wally in the present time.