Kenya Hara

Graphic designer, Japan

The desgin that pursue the possibility of the color white

As a board member of MUJI, Kenya Hara has worked on designing numerous packages and posters. Design based on white which expressed simple beauty possessed by MUJI’s goods, there are things that appeal strongly to the hearts of people even though it is simple. A poster that is impressive with white letters emerging while spreading a vast landscape and black letters with impact on a white-colored back has a power to take away the eyes of those who see it being simple.
In addition, he designed the opening ceremony and closing ceremony program of the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998. This design had the very strong impact made of white and red, with a mold cut out on a white background Olympic Olympics and letters, and the red torch is drawn. By expressing the colorful Olympics in white color, the power of the torch which burns in red is further emphasized, and it strongly attract the eyes and the heart of the viewers. A design that feels powerful even in simpleness is one of the great characteristics of Kenya Hara’s work.
Many of them are based on white in poster design and package design, and all of which further complement the attractive characteristics of the product, making the design while pursuing the possibility of white color. I feel that the power of white is infinite than colorful ones.