Urakami Gyokudō


Here are the points how great Gyokudō is!

Most of his ink paintings are the same levels as national treasures.

Urakami Gyokudō was a senior samurai of the Kamogata Domain in Okayama, Asakuchi-city now,
although his reputation as a cultural figure was more superior to a samurai because his artistic
talent such as playing the Japanese harp and drawings.

He was not pretty much famous artist but most of his ink paintings are the same levels as
national treasures and important cultural properties. Museums and individuals possess his works
around Aichi-pref. Compared to gorgeous ukiyo-e paintings which were gilded and used vivid
colors, his works use only small amount of colors and gray images and he drew mostly sceneries
like figures, mountains and waters paintings. His works also include the exotic touches
from the West, strong strokes like calligraphy and the touch like viewers remember digital works
from a distance, what we call now, such as “Snow Sifted Through Frozen Clouds”, national

The dynamisms and manners of breathing in his paintings without using of many colors are the
powerful touches as if viewers are viewing the real sceneries. In addition, “Snow Sifted Through
Frozen Clouds” , national treasure, is the work Kawabata Yasunari, writer, loves so much. They
could share the feelings of understanding of common Japanese arts and grace although they are in
the different fields of arts such as writers and painters. Some people expect that his hidden
masterpieces which had not appeared yet because there are also many individuals who have works of
Gyokudō. His ways of strokes would be of some help for not only painting lovers but also those
who like to be writers.

Article: Yuuki Rei