Kaihō Yūshō


Here are the points how great Yusho is!

Important cultural properties on parade, The painter admitted his gift by authorities of the period

Speaking of Kaihō Yūshō, he is the painter admitted his gift by authorities of the periods of Azuchi–Momoyama and
Edo. He also appeared as one of the historical figure of painters in TV show called Kasugano-Tsubone, long-term
drama by HNK. He was born into a samurai family but he started serving at a temple because of his father’s death.
During the service, he also served the master of the Kanō school which led him to use his talent. Although he
tried to return to his family business of samurai for his family because his brothers also died of battles,
Toyotomi Hideyoshi, an authority of the period, admitted his talent of paintings and then he dared to choose to
live as a painter.

Most of his wall paintings including drawing of mountains and waters are the important cultural properties for
famous temples such as Myoshin-ji Temple and Kennin-ji Temple in Kyoto and some of them are for the national
museums in Tokyo and Kyoto. His paintings tells wabi-sabi like the subtle, profound and silence which he learned
at the temple he served and viewers can feel more about natures which are so far away from the current all kinds
of noises. Those features are obvious especially in his ink paintings and his ways of touch seem to convey air of
silence from his paintings.

On the other hand, gilded paintings like “flowers” at Myoshin-ji Temple tells richness and strength authorities
like and a lot of influences from the Kanō school although it still express air of silence during his days at the
temple he served.

Yusho has large-scaled works like wall paintings at Kennin-ji. He is the painter I would recommend you to view his
works at temples in Kyoto and the national museum in Tokyo.

Article: Yuuki Rei