Takeuchi Seihō


Introduction of works of Takeuchi Seihō

Cat lovers must see his works and this is the ultimate cat love!

Not only art lovers but also cat lovers must see the work of him.

“Tabby Cat” of Seihō tells about his loving cats millions of times although there are so many
painters who draw cats on their canvas.

Seihō is the great artist in the painters society of Kyoto before World War II. His portrait tells
the image like he is the guy who is steady and hard to approach. This work of him discredits
the image of him.

First, viewers are attracted by the eyes of clear green like jades in the same structure like
beauty drawings in which the girls glance back.

“What? Draw as you like if you like to.”

The cat keeps grooming herself although she glanced back only once. Viewers seem to hear that the
eyes tell, “I am shy”. Viewers also get goose bumps from just alive eyes although the cat were
drew on the canvas. Viewers would be surprised at the thick coat which were drawn carefully one
by one, soft, cold a bit on the surface but warm, when they watched the details escaping from the
magic eyes. Viewers could feel like a touch of the thick coat by cat healing with their palms.

However, the allure of this painting is cat love of Seihō, viewers feels more than just carefully
drawing a cat, hardly say she is pretty and she has a dot below her nose. Cat lovers who believe
that my cat is No.1 of the world and the prettiest of all even though no matter how she is really
ugly would understand Seihō drew this cat saying, “You are the prettiest of the world.” Then
viewers will blow away the first impression of Seihō, the image like he is the great artist who
is steady and hard to approach, change into familiarity with him. “Oh, another cat lover, you,
too.” That is what I thought although it might be rude.

Why do not you share the feelings of cat love with Seihō, standing up in front of this painting
if you love cats?

Article: Yocco