Katsushika Oui


Here are the points how great Oui is!

Katsushika Oui, ukiyo-e painter, Gift from God were given to 2 generations.

Speaking of Hokusai, he is the legend all the people know.
However, there are few people know about Oui, ukiyo-e painter, the third daughter of Hokusai. She had sensitive touch of works which expressed lights and shadows although it is not common way in ukiyo-e prints. She was called Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn of Edo because she expressed well about lights and shadows.

Unfortunately, only 10 pieces of works of her exists now. This is because there are so many possibilities of joint works by father and daughter and there might be another possibilities of some of works of Hokusai are also done by Oui. By the way, her real name is Ei and Oui is her painter name for your information.

Oui was good at drawing beauty paintings and she helped a lot for her father’s beauty paintings also. It was said that some of beauty paintings by Hokusai were colored by Oui. In addition, some ukiyo-e painters of that time admit her great performance of drawing beauty paintings. Her excellent skills tell a lot to viewers that how great she was.

Works of Oui convey very much not only expression of lights and shadows but also her extraordinary gift including use of vivid coloring and painting precisely. Her strong and very realistic view of the world of ukiyo-e, viewers can understand the air and the feelings of the sites in the ukiyo-e prints, is based on all her amazing abilities as ukiyo-painter, Oui.

Some of her masterpieces by Oui, created in Edo, Japan are now available to view at Ōta Memorial Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan.

Article: Rantan