The Kanō school


Here are the points how great the Kanō school is!

Painters in the Kanō school, Edo warrant

Speaking of painters in the Kanō school are the family members of the Kanō school. They had been
served the tycoon as painters warrant for generations and they had been in charge of fusuma
paintings. Only such gorgeous paintings tend to attract viewers but there are some drawings as
their practices for fusuma paintings and byōbu screen paintings. Those drawings are also

There are rare drawings of import animals for the period of Edo. It is easy to see that they seem
to focus to draw the subjects faithfully.

It is said that they drew tigers using their imaginations by watching import furs and cats
because we did not have tigers here at that time. For that reason, tigers in byōbu screen
paintings seem like cats and got warped and weird. However, those are so lovely to me because I
can see easily that even gifted painters served the tycoon were making efforts for better works.

In addition, they tried to keep and maintain the Kanō school by learning how to draw the
subjects. I respect such their systems they had created and I am proud of the families of Kanō as
Edo warrant.

I look forward to be known another face of the Kanō school in the world by being recognized not
only byōbu screen paintings but also paintings of animals, plants and seafoods.

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