Kitagawa Utamaro


Here are the points how great Utamaro is!

The legend of Japanese beauty paintings who pursued beauties of women

Kitagawa Utamaro is an ukiyo-e artist whose active career is in Edo era and drew so many kinds of beauties.

He drew beauties of women in an erotic way and expressed daily lives of women at the same time. His beauty
paintings with truth to life became popular quickly at Edo at that time. He establish oneself as a popular ukiyo-e
artist. There were so many ukiyo-e prints which draws the entire bodies of women at that time but he published
many kinds of prints called ōkubi-e, drawing the upper bodies and faces of women only. He chose only hookers and
especially top ones as his motif of ukiyo-e prints to describe the expressions of women more amorously.

Women who were not famous lived in the suburbs of Edo at that time were known as famous people among the city of
Edo as soon as they appeared in the works of Utamaro. Utamaro publishes not only amazing ukiyo-e prints but also
he is a trendsetter of that time. Ukiyo-e prints by Utamaro were evaluated highly not only in Japan as well as
globally. Speaking of beauty paintings, nothing but Utamaro. His whole works kept pursuing beauties of women in
his entire life. There is no such works as his beauty paintings conveys not only the superficial beauties but also

vivid touch viewers can understand the feelings of women in their daily lives.

Article: Ayapamyu