Fuyuko Matsui


The Amazing Fuyuko Matsui!

The feeling of plants which unites the elements of her compositions

I persona¬lly don’t care much for her brush touch and the technical execution in her art. However, I am intrigued by the feeling of plants she is able to evoke, which unites the elements of her compositions. Her pieces are not like other documented drawings of plants from the Edo and Meiji Taisho eras.
For example, Japanese botanical paintings usually include the plant as well as a sense of atmosphere, while a Matsui painting will limit its focus to describing something like texture or formation of bark.
Most of her work to date has consisted of women and ghost images, but I feel like she is waiting for changes in her life that will lead to the emergence of new subject matter in her art. Many artists may envy her success as a painter in the future, but many fans will enjoy watching her growth.
I think she has been taking advantage of the attention she receives for her young age and appearance, at the same time taking every opportunity to enhance her skill and technique. I expect that she will continue to produce great work.
She has a different point of view from other artists and has been drawing on unique themes. She’s never followed trends in composition, which is part of the unique identity she has established in her work. I hope she will maintain that identity in the future.
Her viewpoint does vary somewhat from piece to piece, but it would be more fun if there was a bit more variety.
Orthodox Part is as beautiful as anything she has ever produced.
I have not seen her art displayed recently, so I would like to view an exhibition of her work soon.