Hirosaki Castle

The Amazing Hirosaki Castle!

Beloved Castle with breathtaking cherry blossoms

Hirosaki Castle is located in the western portion of Aomori Prefecture, and it is one of the most beautiful castles in Japan. It was originally called Takaoka Castle, and was renamed Hirosaki Castle in 1628. The castle was built by warrior Tsugaru Tamenobu and his son, Tsugaru Nobuhira, during the Warring States period.
In 1600, Tamenobu’s forces fought on the side of the Eastern Army in the battle of Sekigahara. After the Eastern Army’s victory, he decided to build Hirosaki Castle. Although the process of building was interrupted by Tamenobu’s death, his son Nobuhira completed the construction at a rapid pace. In 1895 the castle became open to the public. Numerous cherry trees were planted, and Hirosaki Castle became a popular sightseeing spot.
Since Hirosaki Castle was never involved in any battles or suffered damage from fire, it has kept its castle tower and other structures in their original forms. It is unusual for a castle from the period that the castle tower and most of its outline remains intact, so I definitely would like to visit there someday.
A famous cherry blossom festival is held at Hirosaki Castle every spring. People say that the cherry blossoms there are the most beautiful in Japan. The breathtaking contrast of the castle and the cherry trees attracts crowds of people each year. During the cherry blossom festival in 2016, “Castle Robot Project” was promoted, in which Ichiro Mizuki sang the theme song.
A variety of events are held at Hirosaki Castle each year. The castle is loved by the people of Aomori Prefecture and by castle enthusiasts from all over Japan.